Paxy series: CNC Punching Solution for steel plates

The three CNC lines in Geka’s Paxy Series are machines with proven reliability in punching, marking, and drilling steel plates. With an automated feeder, a punching unit with the proven performance of our Puma Series models, and an easy-to-use user interface, the Paxy Series machines are the perfect option to automate your steel plate processing.

Paxy CNC Solution for punching, marking and drilling steel plates

Our Paxy CNC solutions feature three models of varying capabilities: the Paxy 1000, 1500, and Paxy 2000. These are all fully-automated CNC lines for punching, marking, and drilling steel plates of dimensions as big as 80″ x 30″ (in the case of the Paxy 2000). They feature an automated feeder, which positions and feeds the material through the use of clamping guides.

You may choose from these three models, depeding on your requirements, and configure them with any combination of the optional peripherals available (all manufactured by Geka), including a marking unit and a vertical drilling unit for drilling steel plates. Our technical support service can help you reach the optimal configuration for your manufacturing process.

Max. Length40″60″80″
Max. Width20″30″30″
Max. Thickness1-9/16″1-9/16″1-9/16″
Max. Diameter1-9/16″1-9/16″1-9/16″
Nº PunchesUp to 3Up to 3Up to 3
  • Capacities based on a material resistance of 65,000 tensile.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications without prior notice.

PAXY CNC Solution for Plates video:

Peripherals Available:


Main features of PAXY CNC Line for Plates


Material clamping guides.
Set of independent servo drives along each axis.
Fast and easy loading and unloading of material.


Proven quality and performance of the PUMA Model.
Variable punching force (88 to 240 Us Tons).
Hydraulic hold down.


PC on Windows 10 platform.
Network Connectivity.
USB ports.
Graphic interfaces.
Remote Assistance via internet.

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