Gamma Roller: CNC Lines for processing large quantities of angles

Geka’s Gamma Roller Series consists of three different CNC lines for processing large quantities of angles, which you can choose from depending on your angle processing needs. These are the Gamma Roller 80 / C2PL, a CNC line for angle punching and shearing—the Gamma Roller 150 2P / DPS for the punching, marking and cutting of medium-sized angles and flat bars—and the Gamma Roller 160 – 3P / ALPS for punching, marking and cutting angles, flat bars and U profiles.

Gamma Roller 80 / C2PL, CNC line for angle punching and shearing

This fully automated CNC Line punches and shears angles ranging from 1/8” to 3/8” in thickness on both sides. It includes an input conveyor unit, a punching unit and a shearing unit. Several peripherals are available as well.

Gamma Roller 150 2P / DPS, CNC line for medium-sized angles and flat bars

CNC solution for punching, marking and shearing. It includes servomotor-driven pull type feeding, a punching unit of up to four punches (two per wing) and a shearing unit. Peripherals and special equipment are also available to configure the line to your requirements.

Gamma Roller 160 – 3P / ALPS, CNC line for angles, flat bars and U channels

With a punching force of 82 US Tons, the 160 – 3P is the most powerful and versatile model in the Gamma Roller series. The machine features pull type feeding, a punching unit for up to six punches (three per wing), a shearing unit and a marking unit. Geka also offers a range of optional peripherals, which means you can configure the CNC line to your manufacturing needs.
All the models work via an easy-to-use user interface on a Windows 10 platform, which features network connectivity, USB ports and remote assistance. Optional peripherals include an automatic side loader, exit conveyors and Line Pro Advanced with Nesting and DSTV importing for the Gamma Roller 80; and an automatic feeder, a minimal waste system, a material unloading system and advance software for nesting and DSTV importing for the Gama Roller 150 and 160.
The minimal waste system ensures that the machine will use all of the material or that the material waste will be as close to zero as possible. The automatic feeder units help to load the angles into the machine, further increasing the productivity and cost-efficiency of these CNC solutions.
The series of Gama Roller CNC lines by Geka will allow customers to process high volumes of angle profiles quickly, cost-effectively and in a fully automated way. The final product is obtained in one single step, cut and punched, offering a competitive advantage. This punching and cutting versatility will be helpful to builders of metal structures including towers for electric transmission lines or telecommunications, cranes, support structures for solar panels, support structures for railway power lines among other metal structures requiring a high volume of angle profiles.

Geka Gamma Roller Series Specifications

SpecificationsGR 80 / C2PL 80GR 150 – 2PGR 160 – 3P
Minimum L1 1⁄2 ”x 1 1⁄2” x 1/8”1 1⁄2” x 1 1⁄2” x 3/16”1 1⁄2” x 1 1⁄2” x 3/16”
Maximum L3” x 3” x 3/8”6” x 6” x 1⁄2”6” x 6” x 5/8”
Minimum Flat Bar3 1⁄4“ x 5/16”
Maximum Flat Bar6” x 5/8”
Minimum U3” x 4.1 lbs.
Maximum U5” x 6.7 lbs.
Characters403/8” x 1⁄4“ size typeface
N° Punches2 (1/wing)4 (2/wing)6 (3/wing)
Maximum Diameter1”1 1⁄4”1 1⁄4”
Punching Force38 US Tons67 US Tons82 US Tons
Shear station tonnage73 US Tons213 US Tons286 US Tons
X Axis SpeedUp to 1,481”/min
Feeder SpeedProgrammable up to 1,417 ft/minProgrammable up to 1,417 ft/min
* Capacities based on a material resistance of 65,000 tensile strength. * The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications without prior notice.
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